About Liv

I started my adult life like most people… completely lost… 

I had no idea what I wanted or where to find my true passion. I was, however, very determined to find my happy place. Very determined to find something that I loved and very determined to find something that in my own way might help people, I found that in skincare.

I actually started off as a nanny some odd years ago for an amazing dermatologist who is very well known for paving the way in cutting edge laser technology. One day on a whim, she tasked me with various chores at her private practice to help out for the day. It was here that I instantly fell in love. It’s truly a beautiful thing to see someone with the lack of confidence (due to a skin condition or ailment) come to the office with a look of desperation knowing you are able to help.


After that day, I never returned to childcare work. Dr. Lee was my blessing in disguise! I told her how amazing I thought her practice was, and she allowed me to stay! I began with executive assistant work, but soon decided that wasn’t enough for me, so I went to school and studied for my aesthetician license. Upon graduating, I met with her and expressed my dream of building a spa department within the practice, and she agreed!

It’s crazy how God works because I could have nannied for anyone, but that family chose me. Dr. Lee could have kept me as a nanny, but she placed me in the office, and while she could have looked at me like I was crazy when I shared my dreams with her, she didn’t. I built the spa department and worked for years specializing in hyper pigmentation and anti-aging treatments until it was time for me to build something that was one-hundred percent mine.

I decided to make the move to Los Angeles. I created a new menu with treatments I wholeheartedly believe in and shaped a spa experience like no other. An experience that is results driven but still maintains the luxury feel of a five-star day spa, all in the comfort and privacy of your home… thus, Skin By Liv was born.

Recent Testimonials


“No make up and my face is still glowing because of Liv! Make sure to give her a call if you want a really fantastic facial and a deep clean. Gotta take care of your skin!”

Jasmine Rae / Wild 'n' Out Model

“Ok, I just gotta show my girl Live some love! Not only did she give me an amazing facial, but she also helped me choose an entire product regimen personalized just for me. I’m still glowing, and it’s been days! Beyond grateful to have found someone who really knows skin and cares.”

Cory Anne Roberts / Finalist on America's Next Top Model

“Today Liv gave me a facial, and it was long overdue. I struggle with minor break outs here and there, and acne scars are one of my biggest insecurities. I’m so happy to have met her and start the process of finally getting rid of them slowly, but surely.”

Sydney G / Model and Stylist to the Stars

“I took photos as soon as I got home from my facial with no make up of course, and it looks like I have highlighter on! The glow is unreal!

Suzy Shattuck / Lifestyle Blogger